Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jimmy Choo v. Guess

I cannot believe how much a little sunshine and (relatively) warmer weather can do to a person's mood! :-) I've been rather busy since my arrival in Vancouver and am VERY excited to go to a friend's wedding tomorrow. I'm a little behind on replying to comments but I'll get to them, promise! <3 I'll get back to more regular posts upon my return to Ontario!

I was at the GUESS store in Metrotown and noticed a pair of black naga pumps. I thought they looked ridiculously familiar to a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals I saw last Spring. They're a pretty similar match! I'm partial to the Jimmy Choos and the irridescent patent leather, but I really wonder if it's worth the price difference. Check these two comparisons out:

GUESS Genovieve Sandal $97 at Zappos

Jimmy Choo Atlas Patent Sandal, SOLD OUT ($750)

GUESS Naga Patent Pump $89 at Zappos

Jimmy Choo Eliza Patent Patent Sandal, SOLD OUT, $585


  1. Totally impressive knock-offs!

    Awarded you today, btw!


  2. wow,
    great copies...if that's what they're called! haha.

  3. well spotted - my vote is Guess because the tiny difference is not worth the price difference!

  4. I agree! They are great copies, and both sets of Guess shoes look rather comfortable!

  5. I love these posts because I always go for the cheapies :-)

  6. Ooh I love your blog! The price difference is insane. If buying multiple pairs, it would have to be guess. Hope you had a great time at the wedding! xoxo

  7. Those red Jimmy Choo's are great, I can't believe how similar the last two pairs are, I thought they were the same pair taken from different angles!


  8. That is kind of cool that they are "copies" & you noticed it..but they are gorgeous..

  9. I see the similarities, but I think the Choo's are still more classy in appearance!

  10. Silver sandals is very nice look .I like it