Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hairstyles for Prom

I've only got 2 weeks of classes left to Law school! The past week and the next few will just be so busy but in a good way. I've got a dance performance on Sunday and will be singing at a local bar on Tuesday for a charity show. Right now though, I am looking forward to going to my Law School Graduation Formal (I call it PROM) this Saturday.

Okay, so I need some ADVICE!!! I picked out my dress and it is hanging in its garment bag in my closet. I actually didn't like this dress when I first saw it on the BCBG website but loved it when I saw it and tried it on in store.

I started looking around for hairstyles today and decided that I want to wear my hair down and have it wavy/cury. I've got long, straight, asian hair that doesn't hold curls well, so I'm hoping this works out! Does anyone have any tips on how to achieve the following looks??? I'm also trying to decide on make-up colours and jewelry too so any suggestions about those things would be appreciated too. Thanks :-)

I've also accidentally deleted my Blog List today and am in the process of re-adding my links!


  1. I would wear some big teardrop earrings and forgo all other jewelry (Angelina style).

    For the hair, I'd recommend using a light shampoo and conditioner (nothing too heavy that will weigh hair down or give it too much slip) and finger-combing through an extra hold mousse while hair is wet (to give it some hold), then letting it airdry so that it won't be blown out super straight. Then I'd use a big curling iron to create haphazard curls and set it with a fine aerosol mist :)

    Since the dress has a satiny finish, I think it would look pretty if you did a matte smoky eye (as opposed to something shimmery so as not to compete with the dress) and used a creamy lipstick (as opposed to a gloss).

    Hope this helps! What are your shoes like?

    I'm sure you'll look beautiful! Congrats on the upcoming graduation xoxo!

  2. Congrats on reaching such a momentous milestone! Hmm I am hairstyling challenged...if it were me I'd book an appointment with a hairdresser or a blowdry bar. I mean, law school formal--it only happens once in a lifetime, right? :-)

    P.S. I saw your comment saying you were going to blogroll me! Thank you. I'm adding you to my links too.

  3. I hate trying to work out what to do with my hair! I usually let it go natural (ringlet curls) and add a tiara, just something really small and discreet.
    I once, for my first prom I believe, found a little daisy chain hair decoration, which I think would look gorgeous with your dress, shame I don't still have it, I'd send it your way.

  4. Amazing dress!! I think the most appropiate hair style is the 3rd, but I also love the 2nd one :)

  5. I seem to always LOVE Taylor Swift's hairstyles. She likes to wear white, so I've noticed. Good luck with your choices! :-)

  6. That was a very beautiful dress! I'm useless in makeup and hair since I don't do neither for myself. I really like the hair in the last picture though; it's natural, pretty and romantic.

  7. LOVEEEE the dress...very beautiful and elegant :)
    As of hair styles..I like Taylor swift's hairstyle ..I like the second one too...
    I think since the dress is white, any charm, solid, elegant pair of earrings would go...And the necklace(if any) should be really simple..The jewelery must not take the spot light since you have a gorgeous dress..
    makeup should also me something simple but elegant..It is best to actually do it with a hair dresser though... I would love to see the heels you are planning to wear with this dress :)
    && Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!!!

  8. I like Taylor's the best. Very natural looking.

  9. All so pretty! thanks for the birthday wishes xx

  10. Congrats on almost finishing law school! That is a gorgeous dress, it'll be fantastic for graduation! If you want your hair down I love the second one and Taylor Swift always has fantastic updos =) But um, coming with someone with long straight asian hair and has a headache whenever it comes to prom, I think the second or fourth looks will look the best! Have fun at graduation!!

  11. I wished we had proms overhere, I think they are amazing. I love the last look! Not too much just perfect.

    Oh and thanks for comment at my blog!
    Love Birgit

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  13. that dress is stunning!!

    I wish I had a prom dance or something that way, but we don't do those things in spain, I wish we did so I could wear that dress!!



  14. That dress is so beautiful! :)

  15. LOL! That's funny! I call end of the year formals prom too! A less formal prom.

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