Monday, October 4, 2010

Mixing Textures, Prints & Patterns

I locked myself out of a friend's apartment in Toronto when I was visiting and had plans to go to a TIFF screening after party that night. The girlfriend I was spending the day with generously let me borrow an outfit for the night. While not something I would think of picking up myself if I were at a store, I ended up wearing a cute polka-dot print dress. Unfortunately, it got a lot colder on the walk to dinner. I pulled out my black/grey striped sweater I had worn that afternoon thinking...polka dots and stripes... the two particular prints and in their respective colors looked horrible together and I slipped into the Forever 21 on Dundas Square and bought a cheap black cardi-wrap sweater instead.

I was reminded of the polka-dot dress/stripped sweater incident when I went through photos that I had taken of dresses at a bridal store in Guangzhou two months ago. I loved how interesting the appliques, textures, and patterns were. On some of them though, I don't know what they were thinking combining so many elements into just one gown. I admire those who have a knack for combining interesting textures and patterns together in a way that works. I think one of the things I'll do this fall is to try and incorporate textures, prints & pattern into my wardrobe.