Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congratulations Lena Ma, Miss World Canada 2009

Congratulations Lena on this accomplishment. :-) I wish you the best of luck at Miss Worlds and am so proud that you are this year's Canadian representative!!!

The Miss World pageant tries to promote it's Beauty with a Purpose campaign, advocating that it is more than a 'strictly' beauty competition. Many pageants are following suit by incorporating self-development and community-building workshops to the pageant agenda. Fundraising is also a large component in some pageants and at Miss World Canada, the contestants were successful in raising more than $25,000 for the SOS Children's Village charity!!!

That being said, I don't think pageants will ever escape the public's stereotypical view of it and with good reason: the final show is essentially a parade of girls in an evening gown and/or swim suit and in a few catchy/cute choreographed scenes. The interview portion, let's face it, rarely includes difficult questions and what scores you points aren't philosophical/theoretical/complex answers, but happy "world peace" answers (not literally, "world peace" but you know, optimistic, Ghandi-be-the-change-that-you-wish-to-see answers).

Pageants aren't BAD though. Pageants have always fascinated me and I participated in a few a couple years ago. I enjoyed it, I made friends and I learned about myself in the process. I even learned etiquette rules that I still find helpful today while I'm networking at professional cocktail parties with investment bankers and lawyers! And all the make-up, clothes, shoes, and jewelry I received when I competed and won?? that's DEFINITELY a good thing in my books :-).

Pictures from Miss World Canada.


  1. What a gorgeous girl...and I'm sure that every one of these girls who do well in pageants use what they've learned to their advantage in life. I'm sure if I'd had pageant looks and personality in my time, I would have explored that option. Oh well...

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  3. She reminds me a bit of Lucy Liu :)

  4. She is really gorgeous!

    & so many thanks for your sweet comment!

    xx birgit

  5. Oh I think she was in Miss Chinese Toronto, wasn't she? She seems so graceful and poised and elegant. :-)

    Now I'm totally curious about which pageants you participated in!

  6. She's beautiful!!!

  7. She's gorgeous! Yay Asian pride!

  8. yes, we actually though of doing that!!hahah

    love the asian beauty of this girl!!


  9. she is gorgeous! what a beauty. wish her all the best notthat she needs it.
    muah x

  10. I could never do pageants but I tip my hat to people who do.

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