Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If Shoes Could Kill...

I'm leaving to Toronto airport in one hour to fly to Vancouver. Even though the weather forecast is teling me to expect lots of rain, I'm being positive and telling myself that rain and 8 degree weather is better than this windy -13 degree mess going on outside right now!

On a MUCH brighter note, the Claudia Mirror Leather Sandals featured in Jimmy Choo's Spring/Summer 2009 Campaign Ad are killer!

Check out these two other gorgeous pairs of Jimmy Choos:

Jimmy Choo Grant Silk Satin Peep Toe Shoe from their Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection

Jimmy Choo Lance Mirror Leather Sandal from their Cruise 2009 Collection


  1. those first shoes are awesome!
    thanks for adding me I'll be adding you too!

  2. the heels and the photo are killer!

  3. thank you soo much.
    i hope you had a good trip.
    i love the first shoes, its really a killer shoe!
    btw, i would love to exchange link with you.

  4. That photo never fails to make me wince, but they are gorgeous gorgeous shoes!

  5. You're coming to Vancity?! For how long? Why?

    We should get coffee or something if your schedule permits and if you're up for it! I heart blogger meet-ups. :-)

    Oh, and for the past little while it's been very cold (around 0 which is very cold for Vancity but not compared to TO) and very sunny.

  6. I absolutely love the ones from the Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection, WOW!!! *.*

  7. beautiful shoes! they are sky high! huh!

  8. You should've been in Vancouver this week.. the weather was sooo nice (sunny but just a bit cold). It's going to start raining again though so I guess you get to experience Vancouver at it's TRUE state. =P

  9. Awesome..I love <3 the Jimmy Choo Grant Silk Satin Peep Toe Shoes...<3