Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daisy Chain Dream's Six Questions

Daisy Chain Dreams is currently holding a survey towards her final year project and asks her readers 6 questions, I'm sharing my responses here as well.

1. Do you follow trends? Why/Why not?
Yes to some extent - I'll follow it if I like it but I won't wear something or buy something solely because it's 'in style'.

2. What's your favourite current trend?
Vince Cascade Blouse, Neiman Marcus

The gladiator-inspired heel. I'm not a huge fan of the flat sandals that go all the way up to the knee, just the cute up-to-the ankle strappy heels.
Alfisi Sandal, ALDO

3. What's your least favourite current trend?
Even though I probably wouldn't wear a lot of what makes it down runways, most of the trends looks really interesting so it's hard to really HATE current trends.

Tie-dye Jeans
Balmain, photo taken from FLARE magazine

4. Top fashion trend of all time?

A well-tailored motorcycle leather jacket
Mackage Black Leather Jacket, SSENSE

and of patent stilettos :-p
Classic Christian Louboutin Pumps

5. A trend that should die and never come back?

Remember that period when bra strap headbands were the rage?!

6. Do you believe in investing money on classical pieces and buying cheaper trend led clothes as they'll date faster?
Yes, definitely!


  1. Lol the bra strap headbands brought back some gr. 8/9 memories.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Lovely post! The balmain look is gorgeous indeed.


  3. Nice picks, I LOVE that motorcycle jacket.

  4. I'm kind of flattered you chose to share this, and well, mainly your answers publically, thank you again for your help, it's very much appreciated x

  5. That Aldo sandals are great! :)

  6. Wow this sandals looks so cool with the proper clothes, i love these girls!