Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice: Hello White Dresses!

I actually started my first blog post 4 years ago on this very day so I guess it's pretty fitting that my first proper return to blogging occurs on the anniversary of my first blog! :)

Happy Summer everyone! No New York bar exam to ruin my summer this year and I'm looking forward to making up for the studying/lack of summer activities last year.

Let's start with perhaps one of my favourite items in a summer wardrobe: the white dress!

Yumi Vintage Cotton Slip Dress, ASOS, $71

Supertrash Silk and Lace Tiered Dress, ASOS,$127

ASOS Crochet Insert Maxi Beach Dress, ASOS, $41

Marciano Clairie Maxi Dress, GUESS by Marciano, $158

Marciano Carmine Crinkle Maxi Dress, GUESS by Marciano, $175


  1. Welcome back and happy blogversary!

  2. The white dress is kind of like buying the perfect black dress. And finding one that works with your skin tone is nearly impossible, so many shades of white!

  3. I love the last dress and first one so pure.

  4. white dresses are so classic for summer. i'm still looking for the perfect one!

  5. i wanna them all of them really pretty

  6. Beautiful white dress collection. I love this because white is my favorite color. You may this kinds of women's dress at Boutiqueken.

  7. You shoul try also this pencil dresses knee length. Perfect also for summer season outfit.